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As an inclusive Workplace Wellness Advocate, I advise managers on how to keep their team members engaged, energized, and safe in a sustainable, long-term way.

A clear Workplace Wellness strategy & implementation will fix your hidden cost drains and missed opportunity cost because it will improve talent retention, engagement, employer branding, and connection with diverse talent. It will prevent your company from leaving money on the table. It will also make your organization a better place to work and be in.

Working with me means working towards sustainable employability in a holistic way: all elements of wellness and wellbeing are interconnected, including physical, mental, career, social, community, and financial wellness. I also purposefully incorporate diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI).

What I do is make workplace wellness & DEI accessible to everyone. I provide people with the right tools at the right time to embrace inclusive changes. I encourage people to think consciously and inspire them to get them moving.

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Advising organisations on achieving sustainable employability in a holistic way, including diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Bringing in my knowledge and experience to support organisations on a strategic level by writing a D&I policy that achieves a
positive and sustainable change, a policy grounded in data and tailored to your values, mission, vision, goals and (internal and external) stakeholders.

With my empathic ability and purposeful approach, I am able to provide people with the right tools to embrace new policies.

  • Ghanaian – Dutch
  • Motivational Speaker
  • Diversity
  • Increase Employee Engagement
  • Change Management
  • Creative


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