Amplify DEI Viva la Vive

A strong DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) mission within the workplace is one of the most important pillars for business success and employee wellness.


The Amplify DEI™ Academy features 60+ experts who will be:

  • Imparting knowledge on what successful DEI is;
  • Sharing experiences highlighting why DEI is important;
  • Providing evidence on why DEI needs to be a part of the DNA of any company.


More than courses are available on demand. You can watch each presentation when it suits you, on your computer, phone or tablet. 
This courses will be of value to managers, DEI professionals, HR professionals, L&D professionals and decision-makers.

Learn directly from 60+ international experts on everything relating to boosting diversity in your organization, attracting & retaining diverse talent, and so much more!

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