Pump Up The Jam Viva la Vive

When you look in the mirror, do you see a happy person?
Do you like the person you are seeing?

Pump Up The Jam @ Work is a must-have recipe containing essential ingredients for achieving your goals to bring your best selves before, during, and after work.


About This Talk

It has been proven through various studies* that happy people spark joy towards the workplace and can positively affect your creativity, your productivity, and your health.

Pump Up The Jam @ Work is inspired by the 90’s song from Technotronic. Listening to this song alone will create a spark of joy within you to reset and re-energize everywhere, even at the workplace. 

Each Pump Up The Jam @ Work ingredient contains energizers for you to bring your A-game on a daily basis.

Time 2 Chill

Include the 9-day audio challenge where you will receive daily mini energizers for nine days. This is to continue to Pump Up Your Own Jam.
You will hear one tip per day to take good care of yourself, which means that you must treat yourself to unwind your body, mind, and soul.
(In total 9 tips).


Various Studies*

This workshop can be given online or offline. Pump Up The Jam Workshop takes 40-60 minutes. 

Are you ready to boost your energy to infinity & beyond?
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