Sleep Well 2 Live Well Viva la Vive

Did you know that sleep deprivation has negative consequences for the employee and the organization?The price tag of fatigue is +/- € 2,000 per year per employee. This is the effect of mistakes employees make because they pay too little attention to a good night’s sleep.

Vivian Acquah shows why better sleep can help you achieve optimal health. She also gives you the keys to essential sleep hygiene.


Why do we need sleep? 

Most people prepare for sleep in the wrong way. Better sleep can reduce absenteeism and reduce psychological problems and stress.
Delivery is through a mixture of methods and involves delegates in group exercises and discussions. Training is practical and interactive. Contact me for further details and to book the session. 


This workshop can be given online or offline. The Sleep Well 2 Live Well Workshop takes 40-60 minutes. 

Are you ready to boost your energy to infinity & beyond?
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